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We've been in Colorado for 3 years now so the farm is new to us but has been established for over 20 years.   Our family is the sole caretaker of this property which means we are involved in all the details and work to ensure the animals are healthy and have a safe environment.   We take great pride in our facilities and the grounds but always appreciate feedback or things we can do better or add to the facility to improve the rider's experience.


Our children help on this farm!   There are many activities and chores and we feel this aids in the development of responsibility and ownership for the whole family and enjoy working together (most days :)   


Let us know how we can help you and answer any questions you might have.  We have both short and long-term residents that utilize our facility and we review every application thoroughly to make sure the services we provide make sense for you and the barn so that the experience meets all your expectations.





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Lone Tree Acres

6693 Rabbit Mountain Rd.
Longmont, CO 80503

Phone: 720 600-2831 720 600-2831

E-mail: jlay@laynet-home.com

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